The transparent pension overview

Present up-to-date pension information in a transparent manner to your participants, either on paper or digitally. You can do this with AddComm's special solutions for the Uniform Pension Overview.

AddComm makes pension information transparent and personal

With AddComm's Uniform Pension Overview (UPO) service you can provide your participants with clear and up-to-date information on their pension through the means of their choice. With this kind a personal approach you can contribute to your clients' level of awareness with regard to their pensions.

How AddComm's UPO service works

With AddComm's UPO service you can offer your participants more flexibility and greater ease of use. They can decide for themselves how they want to receive their UPO: physically via print and mail or digitally via secure internet banking. In the latter case the customer can decide when they want to view their details as their pension information is available 24/7 via internet banking in a secure environment. Whichever channel your customer chooses, the information is always clearly presented and using your own design.

The benefits of the UPO service via AddComm 

  • Positive image
  • Transparent information
  • Printed or digital UPO
  • Tuned to the requirements of your participants
  • Save on print and postage costs
  • 100% document integrity guarantee: A UPO never gets lost during the production process and is always sent to the correct address.

UPO service via AddComm in practice

Find out in the practical cases how pension insurance companies manage to improve communication on pensions and save on their costs using the UPO service via AddComm.

Make the switch to the UPO service via AddComm

Interested in what AddComm's UPO service could mean for you? Feel free to contact at info@addcomm.nl or call +31 (0)33 454 9000.