Print and Mail

More and more organisations which regularly send out large numbers of invoices have decided to outsource their printing and posting activities to AddComm so as to fully benefit from the efficiency and possibilities available through our modern printers and software. Thanks to our economies-of-scale we can offer competitive prices. You can use our practical web application to manage and follow the entire process.

Another great advantage of working with AddComm is that you can make use of our modern online payment methods. You can use one single system to structure all of your invoicing and offer your clients the method of payment that best suits their needs. This means ease of payment for your clients and therefore quicker payments for you as well as savings on your print and postage costs.

Interested in the possibilities offered by multichannel billing for your organisations? Or would you like to know more about how we can help you digitalise all of your invoicing? Feel free to contact us at or call +31 (0)33-4549000.