AfvalWijzer (Waste collection calendar)

More flexible waste collection and better communication

Municipalities aim to provide the most efficient waste collection service and to inform residents in the best possible way. AddComm's personalised waste collection calendar facilitates clear communication about waste. Not only will this cut back on the number of phone calls, but on costs as well.

Crystal clear communication thanks to the personal waste collection calender

Many people cannot work out how the traditional waste collection calendar works. The personalised waste collection calendar will improve communication about waste and will facilitate a flexible waste collection service.

How does the personal waste collection calender work?

AddComm's personalised waste collection calendar will provide all relevant information for the planning of waste collection services. Its design is totally in line with the style of your municipality and also personalised for every household. Therefore, residents will be able to see the exact waste collection details for their particular address. Moreover, they can request their own personal, digital waste collection calendar at You can even inform residents of collection dates via e-mail alerts or text messages. Another possibility to make it even easier for them is by offering the free waste collection calendar App for iPads, iPhones, Android- and Windowsphones.  

The advantages of the personal waste collection calender

  • Customer friendly thanks to clear and personalised information
  • Customised communication: print, online, e-mail, SMS or app
  • Lower costs
  • Allows for more flexible and faster waste collection
  • Fewer questions about waste collection

The personal waste collection calendar in practice

Discover how municipalities have used the personalised waste collection calendar to improve communication about waste collection and reduce costs as well. Have a look at these practical case studies.

Switch to the personalised waste collection calendar

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