Financial overviews

Improve the quality of your financial overviews and make significant savings on your costs

AddComm's multichannel approach is also excellent for financial documents like pension overviews, policy information and investment overviews. Using our systems, your participants, members or customers can decide themselves how they want to receive their financial overviews. Physically via print and mail or digitally via secure internet banking. Whichever form they choose, your information will always be presented using your own design.

Digital receipt of financial documents via internet banking is fast becoming the preferred option. The option of viewing one's details whenever one wishes to and the digital storage facility lead to higher levels of customer satisfaction and lower costs! Partly because of the savings you make on your print and postage costs.

Benefits of multichannel financial overviews

  • Personal and transparent information
  • Choice between print and digital
  • Guarantee of 100% document integrity
  • Saves on print and postage costs
  • Higher levels of customer satisfaction

Why not make your financial overviews multichannel too? Many leading organisations have already chosen AddComm. Time for you to do the same? For more information please contact us at or call +31 (0)33-4549000.