Save on costs with multichannel communication

Multichannel communication is also financially beneficial. It results in increased efficiency and lower costs. Below is a list of the main financial benefits.

Save on print and postage costs

With a multichannel solution your organisation can make use of digital media like e-mail, webpages and SMS easily and using one system, in addition the physical mail option. Generally speaking this will mean a major shift from print to digital sending and, what's more, substantial savings on the costs of print and postage.

Make the most of our scale benefits

Multichannel communication is AddComm's core business. We may have invented the wheel, so to speak, but we continue to work on and develop new solutions. A wide range of leading companies and organisations have made the switch to AddComm. Thanks to the large volumes that we are able to process, we can keep our own costs down and pass the benefit on to you.

Get paid faster

Make your invoicing completely multichannel with EZ-Bill, FiNBOX, the printed bank transfer and DigiAccept. This will enable you to offer your customers the method of payment that suits them best. This kind of personal approach stimulates faster payment, as we have found from experience.