Fast and easy payment

Payment is easier than it has ever been, thanks to DigiAccept, the digital successor to the paper bank transfer. Your clients will receive a digital bank transfer from DigiAccept in their mailbox. After checking the details they can settle their bill with no more than a few mouse clicks via iDeal and using the secure internet banking facilities of their own bank.

Error-free and safe

Your clients do not need to fill in the amount, the account number or the payment reference number. This is why DigiAccept is not prone to human error. All details are already filled in on the DigiAccept. Paying with DigiAccept is 100% safe. DigiAccept is tested on an annual basis with regard to security by the Dutch Central Bank and credit card companies. When making payments, your clients will use the extremely well secured internet banking facilities of their own bank.

Status of the payment

Your clients can check the status of their payment in their own bank's secure internet banking facility. They can also find it on the DigiAccept itself. When they open DigiAccept again after making a payment, they can see if the transaction has been completed.

The benefits to your clients

  • Fast and easy online payment of their bills
  • No typing errors, all payment details already entered
  • The preferred choice of many large, well-known organisations
  • Approved by the Dutch Central Bank
  • Environmentally friendly through reduction in use of paper