Print and Mail

AddComm's Print and mail offers you a complete service for the personalised printing and sending of your mailings, from a simple letter to a complete tailor-made mailpack. You can use Web2Connect to design, produce and send your mailings and to set up, follow and manage the entire process. Everything from the selection of addresses to the actual sending.

Outsource your printing and posting requirements to AddComm so as to fully benefit from the efficiency and possibilities available through our modern printers and software. Our economies-of-scale are a guarantee of competitive prices.

In addition to print and mail you can also fine-tune channels like E-mail, SMS, Social media and Web to each other within multichannel direct marketing. Every customer will receive their mailing in the way that best suits their needs.

Interested in the possibilities offered by Print and Mail via AddComm? Feel free to contact us at  or call +31 (0)33 454 9000.