"With the digital invoice we saw an opportunity to provide an extra service to clients and to cut down on costs."

The digital invoice has simplified the invoicing process. Bank transfers can now be provided in a digital version through the client's internet banking facility.

 CZ - frontrunner with the digital invoice

Since early 2008, the insurance company CZ has been using AddComm's digital invoice alongside its paper invoices. CZ is a frontrunner in this respect. Hans de Vogt, manager of the Debtor dept. at CZ, says: "With the digital invoice we saw an opportunity to provide an extra service to the client and to cut down on costs. Not only on production and postage, but also on the reconciliation costs in relation to the use of internet banking."

Digital Invoice

The Digital Invoice from AddComm allows us to send invoices both by post and digitally. Hans de Vogt: "This multichannel approach did not have any extra impact on our IT department. We simply supply a file with the invoice data and AddComm does the rest." AddComm divides the data up into data for the printed version and data for the digital version and then creates the various documents using CZ's own design, with an additional commercial message if required. The last step is the distribution of the individual invoices via post and via internet banking.


An active promotion campaign has resulted in more than 25,000 customers signing up for the digital invoice over the past 18 months. Hans de Vogt adds: "EZ-Bill has been a great success. In addition to significant savings on the costs of invoices, the time of payment has been reduced by more than 15 days with the digital invoice."